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This website is for anyone thinking of, or using an online dating or an introduction website.

Written by people who have been there and done it, as an informative guide, what to expect, how to stay safe, avoid dating scams and explain what some of the terms and acronyms mean.

Why use a dating site?

    People are often reluctant to admit they met on a dating site but you would be surprised to discover how many couples actually met on-line.
    There's much debate about how successful the dating sites matching algorithms are and whether one site's matching is better than another's but any site with enough people, all looking for a partner, will succeed matching up couples, regardless of sophisticated software.
    Meeting through a dating site has the advantage of getting to know someone intellectually before you get to meet them physically. By using on-line dating wisely you can be friends even before you meet in person, saving a lot of disappointment. Conversely, by knowing their likes and dislikes, you can reduce the number of unlikely people you meet and decrease the risks in dating.
    We hear accounts of dating scams related to Internet dating but all dating is a risk. We can take steps to reduce these risks in Internet dating, more than we can in other forms of dating. We will look at the risks, the scams and how to avoid them.

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Why has Internet dating become so popular?

    Today's society is "time poor". We work longer hours and lose more and more time traveling to and from work. We are more isolated today, even though we live in large cities. Society used to create occasions for people to meet at dances, balls, fairs, hay rides and festivals; not any more. Couples seldom separated, compared to couples today. If they did, there was nowhere to meet a new partner. As society changed the Internet evolved to meet this new demand and today Internet dating works equally well for young and old.
    It is estimated today that over half of all couples under 50 met through the Internet.

About this site

    About dating Sites - looks at the different types of dating sites and gives a brief insight what to expect. We also look at data sharing, free, pay for service and fee charging sites.
    What to do - this section goes through the typical on-line dating process from choosing the best site, right through to the first meeting.
    Advice and tips - is full of advice to make your profile stand out, your best photos get results, to use messaging to weed out the wierdos and make the most of meetings. We also look at the scams and how to avoid them.
    Terms and meanings - looks at the language of dating. There's abbreviations that have become popular words now. There's words in common usage that have very different meanings on dating sites.
    Meeting - this section covers that crucial stage of dating; how to set up the best opportunity that keeps you safe and puts your best foot forward.
    Email us - We can't cover everything, so your feedback is vital. There are many sites and we have only looked at a few. You can help us develop this site into a definitive place to go for advice on Internet dating. Keep in mind we don't promote any particular site or products, so if you think we have missed something, drop us a line via the email page. We can't cover everything, so your feedback is vital.

It's finding the right person to fill that vacancy in your life.

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