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This site has been put together with the suggestions and assistance of many people from several dating sites.

It is impossible to cover all the many dating sites on the Internet because new ones are occurring every month. We have tried to cover the main points and offer advice on the more common issues and answer the basic questions that arise with beginner.

Safe dating

One of the main concerns was the risks involved in on-line dating that are so readily publicized. All dating is a risk. We risk rejection, losing our independence and losing our life's savings every time we make a friend because it requires trust and relaxing our defences. Online dating has not added any new risks and the same old rules apply today, that applied in the days before the Internet. The Internet has only made us accessible to more people that we used to know.
    Accept that, just like in real life, there are both good and bad people out there on the Internet. Some are single because they deserve to be, so don't give away your trust too easily.
    Choose the right dating site. Make sure they cater for your tastes and you know how they operate.
    Ask questions so you get to know them better before giving out any contact information
    If you want to give them a contact phone number, use your mobile phone number, not your home phone because it can be traced to divulge your address.
    Be honest in your profile and pictures. You cannot found a relationship on dishonesty. Ultimately your dishonesty will hurt you the most.
    Recognize that the first meeting is the time of highest risk, so take time to get to know the person first.
    Meet in a public place until you get to know the person well. If it gets bad you can leave and they are less likely to create a scene in public plus there are others around who can help if needed.
    Never park your car in sight of the meeting for the first couple of meetings. They can trace your address from your vehicle registration number.
    Make the first meeting casual and inexpensive. You'll both be more relaxed.

If there are any points you would like to see included, send us an email to this link. We can't cover everything, so your help is appreciated.
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