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That first meeting

That first meeting - Now we are really exposed and at our most vulnerable!

Remember they are just an nervous as you are. However if you have done everything right and been honest, just relax and be yourself. You will appear much better in real life than your profile or photo portrayed you and you have been communicating long enough to have a few points to use to start a conversation. To help you on your way, we'll look at some things you can do to make this first meeting work for both of you.

First Meeting
Now you are really out on a limb, so it important to take some precautions:
    You have arranged to meet them - never stand them up. Always show up. They have feelings too, so don't be mean.
    The first meeting should be in a public place but somewhere you can hold a conversation. A coffee bar in a shopping centre is ideal. If you don't like what you see, it's easy to lose them in the shopping crowd afterwards. People behave better in these sorts of busy social situations. You have the added security of losing them by going into a shop, if they try to follow you back to your car afterwards.
    And that brings us to the next point - never park your car very close to where you intend to meet them. If they are a stalker or some other sort of undesirable, they can trace your address from your vehicle registration number. Park your car far enough away that you can lose them if they try to follow you back to it.
    A gentleman will offer to escort a lady back to her car - that's etiquette. He's not necessarily a stalker. In this case, go with your instinct. If you want to see them again, let him. You have the added advantage, because you're in a shopping center, of politely declining on the basis that you have shopping to do aftrewards.

Further meetings
From here on, you are on your own. Just keep alert for signs of violence and take it slowly. Remember half the fun is in the chase.

Scraggy Da Cat says Ever since I was a kitten, you know I loved shredding paper. How was I supposed to know the paper I shredded was your profile?

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