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When you are looking through dating sites, have you ever felt they are using a foreign language?

Keep in mind this is a culture that is constantly evolving, so new terms, abbreviations and phrases are being invented all the time. We have thrown a list together, from the terms we recall but it's by no means complete. If you can think of some we have missed send us an email and we'll add them to the list. Make sure to include the meaning as well.

Terms and phrases

bi curious - A person interested in trying gay sex who is not normally gay.
cuddly - a person who is overweight.
cyber (sex) - sexually explicit texting or video
dating - A relationship without marriage or long term commitment
eclectic - Someone who is cultured.
fetish - an extra act that enhances sex.
gay - a relationship where both partners are of the same sex.
grindr - similar to tindr but a gay/lesbian hook up site
handle - your user name on a chat or dating site
hole in the wall - automatic bank teller machine
hook up - A meeting for sex rather than a relationship
lamer - Someone who knows little but has a lot to say in a forum, chat room or dating site.
LOMBARD - Lots Of Money But A Right Dick - rich, spoiled and inconsiderate.
newbie/nube - A beginner who is new to a site.
one night stand - A once only meeting for sex
player - someone who is cheating or has multiple partners on line.
sexting - sending sexually explicit self images instead of text messages
social drinker - someone who drinks alcohol in social situations but not enough to get drunk.
Threesome - a sexual partnership between three people- MMF (2 males one female) or FFM)
tranny - a male with female sexual desires.
tinder - web/smart phone software (a.k.a app) for one night stands nearby
troll - a person who is abusive on line

This list is nowhere near complete. We have tried to restrict it to the most common abbreviations you are likely to encounter on dating sites, rather than the entire Internet. Let us know through the Email us page, if you think of any others that should be on the list.

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